1. I really need to stop letting the results of my twist outs dictate how my day is going to be. For the past two weeks my hair has gone from soft and moist to dry and bushy and now it’s back to soft (thank God!). My twist out this morning was awesome so of course my day went well. Looking good makes you feel good and when my hair looks and feels great, I feel great! I’ve come a looooong way.

    I relaxed my hair when I was 8 years old and I’ve had almost every hairstyle/haircut possible, short, Long, twists, pixie, bob, braided, weaved, cork screw, layered etc. etc. etc. I change my hair so much that it confuses people but I LOVE my hair. There were haircuts that I loved more than others, to this day my favourite was the pixie because all I had to do was brush and go.  It was easy and I loved how it made me look and feel. It was daring and got me out from under the dryer quicker.  

    I did my official big chop on August 27th, 2011 but a year before I did it, I grew out my hair in an attempt to chop it off and start over. Insecurities kept me back resulting in me getting my hair texturized which was a DISASTER. I ended up going through months of being insecure and just waiting for my hair to grow back. I basically went RIGHT back to my pixie cut. I had so many friends who did the big chop and it worked soooo well for them. It was a difficult transition  but it was much easier to deal with (at times) and so much safer than creamy crack. I WANTED THAT FREEDOM FROM THE CRACK! 

    When I found out I was going to Japan to teach, I stopped relaxing my hair just in case I grew the courage to go natural. I had done my research on black hair care in Japan, asked multiple people what they did and realized that I was not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on getting my hair professionally done or doing my hair at home. I relaxed my hair at home a couple times before because it was short but who was going to trim it? I couldn’t so I decided natural was the way to to go.

    Transitioning was a b***h!! I wont put water in my mouth at all..nope IT WAS A B***H! I had a job in a government ministry which meant that my hair HAD to be presentable at all times. I would either roller set my hair (my hair was REAL short!) or I would gel it down with Elasta care which is now called Elasta QP. Elasta care isn’t harsh and it’s full of glycerine which is great for hair and it worked for those lazy days. Wet my hair, put the elasta QP and slick it down, DONE!!! I braided my hair for a while but as soon as I got rid of the braids I knew it was time to cut my hair off. Insecurities again made me change the date of my BC several times and I decided to do it the day after my going away party and a few days before I left for Japan. 

    I called my hairdresser to get my hair cut because I trusted her and I knew she’d make an attempt to make sure that every strand of new growth remained on my head and ONLY the relaxed ends were cut. After she hit me a ridiculous price for the haircut, I decided to find a barber instead. I called my friend Ani who has such an adorable short buzz cut and she  recommended Corporate Cutz. My best friend came with me for moral support because I definitely couldn’t do it alone. The barber did it for MUCH cheaper than my hairdresser wanted and he definitely made sure that enough hair was left on my head (see the first pic). I felt freeee, a bit insecure but definitely free. I had nothing to brush nothing to wrap or roller set, I just had to get up in the morning, wet my hair, add some Kinky Curly Curling custard and go! 

    It was the best decision, yeah somedays are better than others and it took me months to learn what my hair liked and didn’t like. It also cost me a lot of money. I’m a product junkie and I’m still on the quest for that one AMAZING product that will do everything for me but with my hair texture(s), I dont think that exists.

    So what do I do? What products do I use? 

    I give my hair love and I use love!!

    Before you go out and buy one set of products, understand that hair needs love. It needs love to grow and to be healthy and there isn’t any easy way out. It’ll take a while for you to understand why your hair is dry on some days and soft on others, why it’s starting to feel gunky or stringy unlike the week before.

    Do your research!
    Since sooo many women are going natural there is so much information online and especially on youtube. My top three favourite natural hair youtube vloggers:

    1. My Natural Sistas 

    2. Naptural85

    3. iknowlee my faaaavourite (because I think we have the same texture(s)

    These girls know what they’re talking about and are willing to share what they’ve learnt through trial and error with new naturals. Plus they’re quite a stylish bunch.
    You can also use youtube to look at reviews before you buy products. I am a research junkie, I research EVERYTHING including hairstyles before I go and get my hair done. I always like to hear what other consumers have to say about products especially products catered to natural hair. 

    It’ll be 8 months on the 27th of March and I’ve given up on being upset that “it’s not growing fast enough” or how terrible shrinkage is or the amount of time I have to spend playing with it. I feel like I’m almost close to understanding my hair and I’m quite happy about that.

    The things that my hair loves,

    1. Attention
    2. LOVE
    3. Olive oil
    4. Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie 
    5. Honey
    6. Kinky Curly Knot today conditioner
    7. Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab shampoo and conditioner
    8. Water and lavender oil mixed
    9. Black castor oil (my edges have improved!) 
    10. Silk scarfs 

    I start off my week with clean hair. I wash it with the Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab conditioner and shampoo mixed.  Every other week I do a honey and hot olive oil treatment, one part oil, one part honey, heat it up, mix it, put it on your hair, put a cap on it, chill a bit, wash it out. 

    After washing my hair, I apply leave in conditioner and olive oil and I detangle and two strand twist my hair. To two stand twist my hair I use Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and just take sections of the hair and twist. The curl enhancing smoothie seals in the moisture along with the EVOO. I then tie my head and go to bed.  If I need to go do something while it dries I just put my satin scarf over my twist and tie my head with another scarf or wear a hat. I sometimes wear a tam/beanie and leave some twists out in front as a style. If you’re going to wear a hat or a scarf other than satin, PLEASE always put a satin scarf over your head. Other materials will dry out your hair. 

    The next morning my twists are dry and all I have to do is put some olive oil in my hands and untwist the strands. I two strand twist every night and unravel everyday. Yep..it’s a lot of work.
    It’s been cold in Japan for quite a few months and even though spring is here, it’s still chilly. Too chilly for a wash and go which my hair doesn’t seem to care for anyways. I’m still trying to master that so in the mean time I choose to take the time to twist my hair every night. I usually watch some tv, or a movie or talk to friends on skype while I twist and this helps to distract me from the length of time it takes. As I said before, your hair needs love. If twisting my hair is what it takes for me to have moisturized hair during winter time, so be it. I dont like canerow and I love big messy hair so I prefer the look that I get when I untwist my hair (hey I’m a poet and didn’t know it). 

    So that’s my story. A lot of people have been asking so I’m just sharing. If you have any questions let me know! 

    Thanks for reading! 



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